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Oobje - OBJ06-001

Blum Umbrella Stand - Orange

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Blum umbrella holder is designed with the inspiration of a newly bloomed flower. The Blum
Umbrella Holder, which is formed by bending the pipes, allows easy holding and carrying
thanks to its design, while providing a decorative appearance. In addition, this product, which will welcome you as you enter the house, also serves as a hanger for your different objects.

Product features

You can organize your umbrella or other items by positioning them on the oval-shaped part of the Blum Umbrella Holder.
Warning: You can wipe it with a damp cloth.
It is handmade and may differ from product to product.

Paint: Oven Painted Metal
Dimensions: Width 32 cm, Depth 32 cm, Height 58,5 cm
Weight: 3.14 kg


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Producing with love

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